in Therapy, Coaching, Management and Leadership
with Chris Iveson


If you are a social worker desperately trying to turn around a failing family, a coach committed to your client’s future excellence, a manager wanting to lift the spirits and the performance of a tired and overworked team or a leader with a dream for the future of your organisation this workshop will open doors to every possibility.


You can expect to leave inspired, by Chris, by your fellow workshop members and mainly by the words you find coming out of your own mouth.

The workshop itself will be a very pragmatic look at the mechanics of transformative conversations and you will learn by watching and practicing conversational skills that change the world: changing behaviour, promoting excellence, generating motivation and cooperation and turning futures barely dreamt of into working possibilities.


The programme will show you

  • How to discover motivation

  • How to create pathways to better futures

  • How to uncover hidden resources

  • How to build on success

  • How to turn problems into solutions

  • How to measure progress

  • How to inspire your clients, your teams your organisations and yourselves.


20. / 21. January 2020



To be advised


CHF 990.- for the two day workshop, refreshments during the day and the workshop documentation

All former participants of Solutionsurfers Coach Training get a 20% discount and will pay 790.-CHF.



Chris Iveson is a Founder Member of BRIEF one of the world’s leading centres for Solution Focused Practice and Training. He is author or co-author (with Evan George and Harvey Ratner) of four books including Brief Coaching: a Solution Focused Approach and Solution Focused Brief therapy: 100 Key Points and Techniques as well as many chapters and articles about the approach. He has an international reputation as a clear, engaging and sometimes funny presenter and many people have reported their lives changed after attending one of his workshops.


Who should attend?

This highly interactive workshop is for coaches, leaders and consultants who are looking for mastery and further development of their skills in the Solution Focused mindset.


The workshop will be held in english – and of course all the works/conversations/exercises can be done in (Swiss-)German.


Dieses Buch repräsentiert den aktuellen Stand der konsequenten Weiterentwicklung von lösungsfokussiertem Coaching.

Brief Coaching
Ein lösungsfokussierter Ansatz

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